Dog Handling

What are the benefits of using Security Dogs?
As you would expect, we only use highly trained security dogs and experienced dog handlers that work to strict legal guidelines. All dog handlers have received NASDU training. All dogs are under the constant control of their handler.
  • Dog's hearing and smelling senses are second to none.
  • Each dog is teamed with one handler, this results in a strong bond being created.
  • We only use recognised security dog breeds.
  • They are ideal for locations that are considered dangerous for a single security guard.
  • Security dogs are psychologically off-putting to criminals.
  • They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing; dogs are extremely loyal creatures, which is why they are such popular house pets as well as excellent guard animals. 
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Request Dog Handling Service

You can request a quote through our contact page. We pride ourselves on a prompt response time and excellent service. Our goal is to provide same day or next day service where possible.
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