Static Guarding

Despite the title of Static Guarding, our Security Guards are rarely stationary. An important part of their role is to conduct regular patrols of the site to ensure its continued security.

An advantage of our Static Guarding services over Mobile Patrols and security systems such as our Wire Free Security Solutions is that you are able to get a much quicker response time to problems and issues as someone is readily available on site.

Our guards are often known to add value by recommending enhancements to the site to improve its security.

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Locations Where Static Guards Provide the Ideal Solution

There are a variety of locations where static guards provide the ideal solution. Examples are:

Static Guarding Benefits

Our Static Guards are positioned in a set place according to your requirements. This may involve manned services on access points, the guarding of equipment or valuables as part of loss prevention, crowd control, event security, essentially anything requiring a person being onsite.
  • - Low Key
  • - Fits Corporate image / Reception Duties
  • - Control access / egress to and from buildings
  • - Visitors records
  • - Fire evacuation / emergency procedures
  • - Protect clients / visitors / tenants
  • - Tailored to meet client / corporate needs

  • To request a quote or make an enquiry about our Static Guarding services:
  • Phone No.: 0333 102 6000
  • Email:
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